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Hi – I’m Scott Goldman.ScottGoldman-Sportcoat-LoRes

For years I’ve been conceptualizing, launching, building, operating, licensing and, in several cases, selling wireless businesses around the world. During my career in the wireless industry I’ve traveled to more than 20 countries and helped enterprises, entrepreneurs, governments and others with their endeavors in the industry.

During the past five years I’ve also been actively involved in the cybersecurity industry. I have a patent for an authentication method that turns the traditional method on its head and is, as a result, vastly more secure while being more cost-effective and easier to implement for any size website.

I’ve written books, magazine articles, blog posts, introductions to other people’s books, given speeches, been interviewed more than 500 times (no, that’s not a typo) in print, radio, TV, live webcasts and much more. (You might want to check out my list of industry “firsts” by visiting my¬†Cybersecurity and Wireless Industries “Firsts”.)

Scott Goldman cyclist, cybersecurity specialist
Scott Goldman cyclist, cybersecurity specialist, doing what he likes to do best.

But what I like to do most of all (besides cycling – I average 6000 miles/year and over 400,000 feet of climbing) is extract the productive power for myself and others from the device that seems to be in every pocket or purse, the ubiquitous cell/smartphone. I’m not a hacker, “modder” or code warrior – instead, I like to take a cell phone as it comes out of the box and tweak it, customize it and empower it to make my life easier.
After answering countless questions about cell phones, wireless email, Internet access and everything else “tech” that didn’t have wires my friends starting calling me The Wireless Wizard.

I’m the guy that people turn to and ask, “Hey, how do you do…” with their phone, Blackberry, Bluetooth device, etc. And, almost without fail, I answer those questions.

Author, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve been hiding wires – tucking them underneath carpets, pushing them under baseboards and generally trying to eliminate them from my life. During an interview with what I thought was an FM music station, the sales manager demonstrated a device that beeped when its phone number was called. I was hooked on wireless right then and there.

Cell phones, cybersecurity tools, smartphones, wifi, iPads, hotspots and other wireless devices can be mysterious and frustrating, or helpful and useful. It just depends on what you know – or who you know. After 30 years of experience in the wireless industry (and thousands of questions answered for friends, at parties, in business meetings, etc.) I’ve decided to publish some tips, opinions, commentary and advice. I hope you find it useful.
Enjoy your visit here!

Scott Goldman