The Package Nobody Ordered

The Package Nobody OrderedVery confusing for my neighbors

The folks that live next door to me are as nice as they come. They watch our house while we’re gone, bring over cookies and holiday gifts and even bought a bucket of toys for our new puppy. I figure that they are representative of most of the people that everyone knows. At least I hope so. Continue reading “The Package Nobody Ordered”

Amazon Horror Story Prompts Email Address Action

Amazon Horror Story Prompts Email Address Action - logo

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If you shop at the Amazon web site, this Amazon horror story will – and should – shock you. With a simple online chat this user’s account was hacked, his personal information was revealed and his life turned upside-down. What’s even more gut-wrenching is that the victim here is no slouch … this guy is a website developer, took extreme precautions to protect his identity and was generally smarter about cybersecurity matters than 99.999% of us. Continue reading “Amazon Horror Story Prompts Email Address Action”

What Is The Cybersecurity Disclosure Act of 2015?

Cybersecurity Disclosure Act info from Scott Goldman
Scott Goldman – Wireless and cybersecurity expert

The Cybersecurity Disclosure Act of 2015 (S.2410 of the 114th Congress) is a law proposed on December 15, 2015, which might affect your company and the way that you do business. If you are a publicly held company you must be aware of this pending law, but even if you are not you should still be aware of the reasoning and logic behind it; consider taking action even if you are not legally required to do so. Continue reading “What Is The Cybersecurity Disclosure Act of 2015?”

The Trojan Horse In Your Pocket

The Trojan Horse in your Pocket -- the iPhoneSteve Jobs, CEO, meet Odysseus, Greek.

Both had the same idea but in different times.

Odysseus, you see, had the idea to build a wooden horse. The horse, a symbol of the city of Troy, was left outside of the city’s impenetrable gates. The same gates which had kept the Greeks at bay for ten years. The people of Troy – Trojans – seeing it and thinking it a gift of conciliation from the Greeks, couldn’t resist bringing it inside the gates as a trophy. Continue reading “The Trojan Horse In Your Pocket”

Sky High Wifi

Sky High Wifi - I love it!Most times I’m asleep before takeoff. The routine, honed after 20+ years of heavy traveling and more than two million miles in the air, is more a result of muscle memory than thought. Backpack stored in overhead – check. Newspaper and reading materials folder in seat-back pocket – check. Earbuds firmly inserted to block noise and memorized announcements – check. Turn off phone – check. Wake-up when drink cart rolls down the aisle – check. Continue reading “Sky High Wifi”