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Cybersecurity Information for Board Directors and C-Level Executives In Partnership With

I am proud to make the following announcement regarding cybersecurity information for Board Directors:, the online destination for recruitment for board members, prospective board members and corporations has teamed up with Scott Goldman, noted technology thought leader and cybersecurity patentee, to provide regular information and updates about cybersecurity issues tailored to the needs of Board Directors and C-Level executives.  Mr. Goldman will be publishing a bi-weekly article for the website and responding to questions in online forums about how various cybersecurity threats and challenges affect Directors and how the latest hacks and intrusions could impact their companies.

Mark Rogers, Founder and CEO of, said, “As an independent Board Director, cybersecurity expert and widely published author, Scott is the ideal contributor to the growing body of knowledge on our site.  Our members aren’t interested in the acronym-intense world of cybersecurity tools and measures; what they want to know is how a threat or hack could affect their companies or themselves on a personal level.  Scott’s plain-language, down-to-earth explanations of complex issues will be a real asset to our members.”

“I’m delighted to be contributing to,” said Scott Goldman.  “Their membership comprises some of the smartest and most influential people in the corporate world.  They’re also some of the busiest but have a sincere desire to stay updated about the latest issues in cybersecurity.  As an independent Director I understand that most Directors will not want IT-level details about these issues.  I’ll be writing and responding to questions about these issues in terms that everyone can understand and relate to.  I look forward to the interaction with members.”

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About Scott Goldman:
Scott Goldman is the co-founder and CEO of TextPower, Inc., which provides personalized and bulk notifications via text messaging to utilities, municipalities, universities and enterprises.  He is also an Independent Director on the Board of a $2B Fortune 1000 company.  He started and maintains and tweets @BeCyberAware in an effort to help C-level executives and Board Directors learn more about cybersecurity and protecting themselves and recovering from cyberattacks.


Author: BeCyberAware

Scott Goldman is a veteran of the wireless and Internet industries, holds two cybersecurity patents and is known as a dynamic, entrepreneurial executive with a long track record of successes and thought leadership. He is an independent director on the board of Mueller Industries, a $2 billion Fortune 1000 company and has served on the Audit, Governance and Compensation Committees. Mr. Goldman has traveled to more than 20 countries to assist startups, governments and enterprises in developing, launching, operating and selling technology businesses around the world. He has written two books, hundreds of magazine articles and blog posts and given keynote speeches at major industry events around the world. He has also been interviewed more than 500 times in major print, radio, TV, and webcast media because of his ability to relate complex technical concepts in easily understandable terms. His specialties include executive management, strategic planning, product development, regulatory matters and public relations. He is also an avid cyclist, making time to ride more than 6,000 miles each year. For a detailed look at Mr. Goldman's global activities, career history and accomplishments visit or his YouTube channel:

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