Scott Goldman – Author and Industry Expert

Cybersecurity Disclosure Act info from Scott GoldmanDuring the course of my career I’ve written more magazine articles, newsletter entries, blog posts, speeches and other assorted missives than I can count. I’ve also written a couple of books about the industry.

Here are some selected publications:

Written about or extensively quoted:, April 2016, What is the Cybersecurity Act of 2015?

Dark Reading, January 2015, New Patent Eliminates Passwords

IdeaMensch, July 2014, TextKey, A Patented Two-Factor Authentication Method

Security InfoWatch, August 2014, JP MorganChase – Another Week, Another Cyberattack

Security Daily, September 2014, Don’t Use Passwords!

Inc., August 2011, “What A ‘Second Internet’ Means For Small Business”

Master The Moment, February 2010, “Tracking Time – A Lesson In Time Management”

Today’s Machining World, May 2010, “One On One With Scott Goldman”

Business Week, August 2008, “VoIP Goes Mobile”

Securities and Exchange Commission Filing, November 2007, “Scott Goldman Elected to Mueller Industries Board of Directors”


Scott Goldman, Author, Ask The Wireless WizardAsk The Wireless Wizard – Written in 2000, this book takes technology down to a level that anyone can understand. While some of the commentary is a bit dated the science and physics behind how radio and cellular works hasn’t changed. Here’s what you’ll learn by reading the book:

  • How analog, TDMA, & CDMA are like three cocktail parties
  • How The Beach Boys & lakes can help explain radio waves
  • How the wireless industry is like playing Wheel of Fortune
  • How FM radio reveals advanced wireless technology
  • How the Internet will change the wireless industry

You can see the Table of Contents before deciding to download the entire book FREE (which you might really want to consider seeing as it sells in other places for $75!)

There’s also a cool audio CD that comes along with the book. It’s me telling stories about the wireless industry, technology, history, etc., for about 60 minutes broken up into a few different chapters. You can download, them – free.

  1. The Intro
  2. Explanation of radio waves
  3. History of mobile services
  4. How mobile phones connect to the landline network
  5. CDMA, GSM, PCS and cellular – and other acronyms
  6. How cellular increases capacity
  7. Capacity and service providers
  8. Internet access and advanced technology

The Cooper Report – Written in 1986, this was the first-ever study of cellular subscriber user habits. Written on behalf of Martin Cooper, a longtime pioneer, inventor and businessman in the wireless industry, it took data from the billing company he and Arlene Harris owned at the time and extrapolated it to form conclusions about how people did, and would, use cell phones in the future.

At the time of it’s publication it was a landmark publication for the industry.


Telecommunications, January 2001, “View From the Top” (Cover story)

PC Magazine, January 2001, “Internet Business Q&A”

Network World, December 2000, “50 On Power’s Edge”

Wireless Review, November 2000, “Detractors Beware” (Cover story)

Fast Company, October 2000, “Road Rules #25 – Scott Goldman and His Pocket Rocket”

The Industry Standard Europe, October 2000, “Plugging Away With Wireless”

On – The New World Of Communications, September 2000, “The Gospel According to Goldman” (Cover story)

Silicon Valley Tech Week, August 2000, “Lose the Cord” (Cover story)

Inter@ctive Week, July 2000, “WAPlash” (Cover story)

Internet World, July 2000, “WAP Happy” (Cover story)

Wireless Data Forum, February 1999, “Advice For Wireless E-Commerce Wannabes”

Bank of America, April 1998, ” Understanding the Financial Impact of Wireless Technology On Global Telecommunications Businesses”

Wireless Week Magazine, January 1997, ” Wireless Vendors Thrive on Wired Web”

Telecommunications Magazine, July 1996, ” How To Design The Perfect PCS System”

Cellular Integration Magazine, January 1996, ” Online Research Allows for Real-Time Data”

Strategis Group Review, April 1995, ” CyberHype – Why Wireless Users May Not Need The Internet”

MacWeek Magazine, June 1994, ” Deeper Details About Mobile Data”

Radio Communications Report, October 1993, ” Paging Isn’t Dying…It’s Just Having an Identity Crisis”

Comprehensive Guide to Paging, June 1992, Introduction “The History of Paging”

Cellular Business Magazine, November 1990, ” Back to the Cellular Future: An Update of the PREDICT Forecasting Model”

Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, February 1990, “How Do We Get There From Here: An Industry Forecast and Plan to Attain 10% Penetration by the Year 2000”

Federal Republic of Germany – Deutsche Bundespost, March 1989, “The Potential Impact of Interconnection Costs on Cellular Operators in Germany”

Cellular Business Magazine, June 1988, ” Investing in Your Future: Training Salespeople Doesn’t Cost — It Pays”

National Communications Forum, September, 1987, ” Today’s Pager: It’s Not Just a Beeper Anymore”

United States Department of State – International Bureau of Communications Policy, September, 1987, ” Preparation for World Administrative Radio Conference (WARC) – An Analysis of the Benefits of a Common Frequency for International Paging”

The Cooper Report, Volume I, September 1986. First comprehensive study of cellular subscriber habits employing actual user data

An Analysis of Spectrum Requirements, April 1985. Submitted to the FCC by CTIA accompanying the industry’s filing for additional cellular spectrum

Telephony Magazine, May 1985, ” Terrain and Cellular Planning” (Cover and lead article, International Issue)

Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, November 1984, Tokyo, Japan, ” An Overview of the American Frequency Coordination Process”