Selected videos from TV, radio and webcast interviews

Selected videos from TV, radio and webcast interviews with major networks and news organizations appear below — if you have any questions, please contact me.

CNBC National Business Report

How Small Businesses Can Protect Themselves From Hackers

How To Secure Data On Your Smartphone


Zion’s Bank

Explaining patented two-factor authentication

Super Security For Financial Institutions Using Two-factor Authentication

Security Guy Radio

Protecting Your Identity From Hackers

Finovate – The Financial Technology Innovation Conference

Demonstrating TextKey™ two-factor authentication (using a basketball and Post-It Notes™)

CNBC eBusiness – Future cell phone services

What your cell phone will be capable of in the near future

NBC Nightly News

Interviewed: Verizon planned strike

Fox News Morning Show

Answering Common Wireless Technology Questions

Predicting the Future of Location Based Services


CNN Asia

Interview: Defending the WAP standard (while CEO of the international standards organization, WAP Forum